Activities on Tobacco Caye

If relaxing and taking it easy is an activity, then this is definitely the place to do it. There are plenty of hammocks and beach chairs available to relax, take in a good book, or an afternoon siesta.


Other than relaxing, snorkeling is the second most popular activity on Tobacco Caye, due to the fact that there is some very good snorkeling areas right off the beach. The most popular spot is on the south end of the island near the cut in the barrier reef. The dock at Reefs End Lodge has a ladder at the end which makes getting into the water a fairly easy task. You will need to swim out and around the rocky point that surrounds the small bay here to see the corals. A good portion of the corals around the cut in the reef were pretty badly damaged in 1998 by Hurricane Mitch, but it is starting to come back. If you go farther from the cut and the island, you will find much nicer live corals. There are lots of fish, and eagle rays around the island to look for. If you did not bring your own snorkeling gear you can always rent some from the Paradise Dive Shop, Gaviota's, or Reef's End.


The Paradise Dive Shop and Reefs End Resort both arrange diving trips to various locations including Glovers Reef, Shark Cave, and Water Caye among others. If you do not have a dive certification it is also possible to get your open water certification, or advanced open water certification from either Paradise Dive Shop or Reefs End Resort. In addition you can also get your rescue diver or dive master certification at the Paradise Dive Shop. The Paradise dive shop is open between 8 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. daily.


It is also possible to arrange fishing, manatee or bird watching trips from the island. There are some excellent areas on nearby Tobacco Caye Range for manatee and bird watching.


Finally find out when the fishermen come in to clean their catch for the day, I have seen this in the later afternoon just off the pier at Reef’s End Lodge. As the fisherman clean the fish they throw the remants into the water and this often attracts dozens of rays, creating quite a spectacle.