Tobacco Caye is not for everyone, if you are looking for five star accommodations (even four, or three star for that matter), white table cloth dining, fine wine, night clubs and entertainment then Tobacco Caye is probably not for you. If you enjoy reading a good book and wasting away a good portion of your day in a hammock between sessions of snorkeling off the beach, and your idea of night life is watching the sun set over the ocean, and afterwards falling asleep to the sound of the surf breaking on the reef, then this could just be a slice of heaven. I fall into the latter category.


Life on the island revolves around the bell that rings when meals are ready. I find that my internal clock resets itself to island time very quickly, and that I am up at dawn and ready to go to bed once the sun goes down. Throw in an afternoon nap and life is good, and one that I easily become accustomed to.


When I was trying to decide whether or not to visit Tobacco Caye, I was torn. I put a lot of stock in reviews from other people who have previously visited the location I am considering, and the reviews of Tobacco Caye were decidedly mixed. Although most people loved it, there was enough consistency in the feedback from those who didn't that I definitely had some concerns. The main concern most people voiced was that Tobacco Caye had too much trash around the island. I have to be honest, there is some, but the resorts do a pretty good job of keeping their areas clean, and the resorts take up most of the island. The problem here is that there is nowhere to go with the trash; it is a five acre island. Transporting the trash off the island is not economical, so a good portion of the trash sits until it can get burned. Although this may not be the best environmentally, at this point it is what it is. In the fringe areas away from the resorts there were some areas where there was trash on the beach, but it was by no means enough to seriously detract from the unique beauty of Tobacco Caye. If this is something you think may bother you, consider South Water Caye, which is just a short distance south on the reef.


I found Tobacco Caye to be an idyllic and peaceful place that is definitely worth the trip.