Kids and Tobacco Caye, Belize

The first time we travelled to Tobacco Caye my daughter was a year and a half old, and I firmly felt that Tobacco Caye was a worthy destination. We brought along some basic sand toys, and our daughter was delighted to play in the sand virtually all day long; there is no shortage of sand at Tobacco Caye. She also enjoyed splashing around in the water, being rocked in the hammocks and going up and down the stairs at the Tobacco Caye Lodge office (she was in a stairs phase).


One of the driving factors for choosing Tobacco Caye was that we knew we could not go to Belize without visiting the reef, but a dedicated snorkeling or diving trip was out of the question because our daughter was too young and did not have the patience to sit in a boat while mommy and daddy went snorkeling or diving. So going to Tobacco Caye was ideal because we could take turns snorkeling while the other person played in the sand with our daughter.


The people on the island were very friendly, and we always felt she was secure.